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Sherardize UK leaders in anti-corrosion technology


The Sherardize coating should be considered a superior choice to fluoropolymer coatings for several reasons…


Depending on the application and if a fluoropolymer coating is required, Sherardize UK Ltd is an approved applicator of the XYLAN® range of fluoropolymers, specialising in 1070 and 1424. We can offer a duplex coating consisting of both Sherardize and Xylan® coatings to provide ultimate protection and corrosion resistance as oppose to the protection offered through using both systems separately.

Fluoropolymers are probably best known as non-stick cookware coatings, however, they are now a used in aerospace, electronics, telecoms, automotive and defence industries. These coatings are a blend of high performance resins and lubricants, their unique properties give them exceptional corrosion, heat, chemical, electrical and wear resistance, a low co-efficient of friction and consistent tensioning.

Benefits and Applications of Xylan