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Sherardize UK leaders in anti-corrosion technology


Gael Force:

“We use the sherardizing process on key steel components due to the accurate depth of coating and good surface finish it provides, ensuring the components interact within our plastic assemblies in the manner we require.

The technical team at Sherardize UK are extremely knowledgeable. They provide good technical support during our design process and have delivered a prompt and cost-effective service to our production.”


“Very honest and reliable company, quality is always delivered to a high standard. They have always gone above and beyond to ensure our needs are accommodated on time, whilst providing frequent technical support and help.”


“Sherardizing has radically improved aspects of our design and manufacture, whilst significantly reducing finishing and assembly time by as much as 60% compared to that of galvanized items. The team at Sherardize UK have been excellent at understanding and meeting our requirements, whilst all shipments have been processed and returned in a timely manner, enabling us to reduce our restocking times.”