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Sherardize UK leaders in anti-corrosion technology

Why Sherardize?

Every 90 seconds across the world, one tonne of steel turns to rust and of every two tonnes of steel produced, one tonne is to replace rust.
As a result, companies are losing an estimated $2.5 trillion per annum, which is nearly 3.4% of the global gross domestic product. Unfortunately, most organizations don’t realize the true impact of corrosion until it’s reached unexpected and imperceptible crisis mode:

Advantages of Sherardizing

Superior to all other anti-corrosion coating methods such as Galvanising in a multitude of ways.


Hardest of all zinc coatings, being able to withstand a fair measure of high industrial pollution and rough handling.


Uniform coating, ideal for smaller and irregularly shaped items without the occurrence of unfavourable peak build up.


Lower temperature process range, which avoids parts losing their mechanical properties and shapes e.g. spring steels and fasteners.

Long lasting.




Readily accepts top coats, no need for expensive primers.



Complete elimination of Hydrogen Embrittlement.



Cost efficient, considering both the initial cost of protection, post treatments and the lifetime maintenance cost.

Environmentally friendly- Approaching a zero discharge process with no toxic emissions.