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Sherardize UK leaders in anti-corrosion technology

“Corrosion Never Sleeps”

At Sherardize UK our aim is clear; we act as a catalyst for clients to achieve operational excellence by providing a high quality anti-corrosion coating guaranteeing superior advantages to Galvanising and other anti-corrosion coatings.

Corrosion in modern society is one of the constant and extremely challenging problems present within most industries. The majority of industrial designs cannot be made without taking into consideration the effects of corrosion on the life span and cost of components. Thus, here at Sherardize UK we offer a solution to the challenges and dangers that corrosion presents.
A Sherardized coating is a combination of a hard zinc and iron layer used to protect steel components, castings, fabrications and other similar items in an extensive array of industries. Sherardizing is exceptionally suited as a pre coating for paints, powder coatings and rubber bonding. There are currently many steel components with either an incompatible finish such as Hot Dip Galvanising or worse; no protection at all. This could result in:

Advantages of Sherardizing

Superior to all other anti-corrosion coating methods such as Galvanising in a multitude of ways.


Hardest of all zinc coatings, being able to withstand a fair measure of high industrial pollution and rough handling.


Uniform coating, ideal for smaller and irregularly shaped items without the occurrence of unfavourable peak build up.


Lower temperature process range, which avoids parts losing their mechanical properties and shapes e.g. spring steels and fasteners.

Long lasting.




Readily accepts top coats, no need for expensive primers.



Complete elimination of Hydrogen Embrittlement.



Cost efficient, considering both the initial cost of protection, post treatments and the lifetime maintenance cost.

Environmentally friendly- Approaching a zero discharge process with no toxic emissions.