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Sherardize UK leaders in anti-corrosion technology

Sherardize UK leaders in anti-corrosion technology

History of Sherardizing

120 years of proven and successful results, passing the test of time.
Sherardizing was originally developed by an English metallurgist Sherard Cowper-Coles who invented and patented the process over 120 years ago. Originally it was named Vapour galvanising or dry galvanising. This became “sherardizing” in honor to his name years later. Although modern technology is now used to improve efficiency, the sherardize coating has consistently been proven to succeed where many alternatives have failed.
Sherardizing was used for example on iron coins around the 1920s, some of these coins today still show no rust, highlighting the superlatively reliable nature of Sherardizing itself shown through tangible evidence.

History continued...

The number of accidents to which corrosion has been attributed is extensive, for example;