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Sherardize UK leaders in anti-corrosion technology

Street Furniture

The UK street furniture market is estimated at a value exceeding £400m per annum, including many varied components such as park benches, barriers and fencing. Due to all these components tolerating an abundance of conditions all year round, a reliable and durable anti rust coating is required. Councils have to ensure budgets are maintained, thus investing in the cost effective method of Sherardizing foresees the future, avoiding any corrosion having adverse effects on the lifespan of these components:

Our Sherardize process provides significant corrosion protection, saving time and money through the matte grey finish eliminating the need for expensive primers and cleaning, perfectly ready for the application of paint. Moreover, every part of the Sherardized component is fully protected even in the most inaccessible areas, eradicating the need for any further fitting or re-threading afterwards presenting an extremely low maintenance and longer life alternative.