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Sherardize UK leaders in anti-corrosion technology


Railways are an important part of the transit system in any global country, however the replacement of the rails due to failure is a significant economic and safety concern. Within the last 25 years, railway structures have been put under more pressure than ever before due to; increased transport of goods, denser loads, increased abrasion due to high speed trains and increased rail traffic. Moreover, railway networks are susceptible to hydrogen embrittlement due to their relatively high strength nature alongside being exposed to conditions that favor hydrogen entry.

Corrosion can reduce rail life vastly, whilst loss of rail parts due to corrosion occur in localized areas (e.g. around rail fastenings), foot fatigue failures often occur as a result of foot corrosion. Additionally, corrosion pits which are usually unpredicted and unseen can initiate fatigue cracks, resulting in catastrophic failure. In India, a survey showed that approximately one third of all catastrophic railways failures are caused by corrosion.

However, Sherardizing offers railways networks a long standing, cost effective and reliable solution to corrosion without worrying concerns of hydrogen embrittlement. Sherardizing guarantees high corrosion protection and thus safety and stability for rail networks, under extreme and uncompromising environmental conditions;

Sherardize UK’s coating for the rail industry are extremely effective, through continuous quality management and improvement we always
consider the latest rail industry standards and guidelines, in regards to material composition, environmental specifications and coating

Sherardized coatings can be used within the rail industry as: