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Energy and Utilities

Wind energy is expected to provide the largest contribution to the EU renewable energy targets for 2020 and beyond, with the EU currently possessing the largest floating wind energy capacity in the world (70%). However, wind energy structures, in particular offshore wind structures are subjected to severe corrosion and fatigue damage resulting in catastrophic failure of the entire foundation. All of the structural components are exposed to harsh and complex stresses including: corrosion, physical loads, biological attack and mechanical damage in an environment characterized by violent winds, large waves, temperature changes, infrared radiation alongside and ice and snow.

Thus, the use of corrosion protection technology systems is essential within this industry, to ensure the wind structures can reach their expected service life. The application of coating systems is the most common method used to control corrosion, Sherardizing provides the superior anti corrosion coating as opposed to Galvanising, whilst duplex systems are the unrivaled solution over all.

Coating applications here at Sherardize UK offer numerous advantages such as:

Our services for windmill applications include: