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Sherardize UK leaders in anti-corrosion technology

Defence and safety

Modern bridges today currently have a design life requirement of around 120 years, with that said, the performance of the protective system is thus a highly important factor. One of the biggest culprits responsible for bridge failure is corrosion. For example, the Genoa Bridge which collapsed in 2018 due to harsh weather conditions, killing 43 and leaving 600 people homeless. Bridge maintenance is an area where changes and protection can provide profound savings if institutional inertia can be overcome.

How can Corrosion weaken bridges?

From the continued development of coating technology at Sherardize UK we are able to provide bridges with an extended and reliable life cycle, with very low maintenance needs. Sherardizing is important to ensure that the protective coating can be applied to all internal and external surfaces, to avoid creation of water and dirty traps that would encourage corrosion, ensuring future inspections and maintenance can be carried out effectively. To provide further protection, a duplex coating can be applied to ensure good adhesion and prolonged protection.