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Sherardize UK leaders in anti-corrosion technology


Antique industrial Iron monger/ Black antique door hardware has become extremely popular with homeowners today, people are now demanding this traditional style of hardware to complement the aesthetic of their property. Unfortunately, this hardware is at high risk of rusting increasingly quickly, causing it to stop operating properly within months of installation.

This can convert to expensive and frequent re visits back to the customer’s home to replace poor performing and visually displeasing hardware, wasting valuable time and money, whilst also damaging your company’s reputation. As a result, many manufacturers avoid stocking this hardware at all due to its likelihood of rust and failure.

However, here at Sherardize UK we offer a fully proven and reliant solution to the age old problem of rusting, black antique hardware. Delivering the particular style customers are looking for, without them having to sacrifice cost and failure, combining a proven sherardizing process with decorative use. This provides customers with durability, guaranteed performance, quality, increased lifetime value and cost efficiency.

Sherardize Applications include: