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Sherardize UK leaders in anti-corrosion technology


Due to 36% of steel in the construction industry being Galvanised, 36% of the construction industry is at risk of unpredictable failure due to Hydrogen embrittlement. Thus, a large part of the construction industry is evidently unaware of the superior advantages Sherardizing offers as opposed to Galvanising, especially in exposed conditions. Sherardize UK allows the construction industry to operate at optimum efficiency, whilst ensuring functionality, durability and safety through being able to endure substantial loads in extreme conditions.

Sherardize UK supports the construction industry’s extremely high safety requirements by providing reliable corrosion protection, making it possible to avoid corrosion induced by extreme conditions such as damp, temperature fluctuations and heavy loads. The Sherardize coating preserves surface protection even if the initial surface is damaged, meaning Sherardize UK is a superior choice when considering both load bearing and connecting elements. Moreover, the feature of Sherardizing being highly low maintenance means that construction life span and replacement intervals are extended.

Sherardized coatings:

Applications of Sherardize within construction: