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Sherardize UK leaders in anti-corrosion technology


Before 1975, car manufacturers used little to no corrosion control solutions, and it visibly showed. The life cycle of cars was extremely reduced, costing the auto industry billions of dollars annually. However, after 1975, the worlds top car manufacturers moved forward with advanced coating and corrosion resistant technologies. By 1999, the automotive industry was saving $9.6 billion annually, whilst the average life span of vehicles increased by nearly 50% from 1975 to 1999.

Superlative rust protection is thus one of the most vital coatings for the automotive industry, taking into consideration:

Sherardize UK’s coating for the automotive industry are extremely effective, through continuous quality management and improvement we always
consider the latest automotive industry standards and guidelines, in regards to material composition, environmental specifications and coating

Sherardized parts are vital within cars for:

Moreover, Sherardize UK offer metal-to-rubber bonding, which in addition to providing a good key for bonding agents, also serves to protect steel
against corrosion that would otherwise negatively effect the bond strength. This has proved useful in rubber-to-metal bonded automotive
suspension applications.