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Today, we soar through the sky putting our complete trust in the safety of the gigantic assembled metallic structures we are within. However, as aircrafts age, nature can quickly jeopardize the safety of these aircrafts, becoming subject to the insidious time dependent effects of corrosion. Thus, corrosion mitigation technologies and coatings become imperative to ensure optimum flying safety. In the event of failure due to corrosion, the consequences can be catastrophic. This is brought to life by numerous real life occasions such as in 2013 when the Airbus A330’s right engine caught fire at Manchester Airport due to high cyclic fatigue initiated by corrosion pitting. Moreover, the 1998 Aloha Boeing 737 plane crash and 1974 Sikorsky S-61N helicopter crash were both initiated by corrosive pitting. Despite the safety risk of corrosion being astronomical, the cost is also correspondingly exorbitant. In 2001, the US air force estimated corrosion to cost $1bn, whilst that number is still growing. Whilst the civilian commercial airline industry averages that cost of corrosion can be 10% of total aircraft maintenance costs.

When it comes to the aerospace industry, the importance of effective corrosion protection should never be underestimated, components are built to operate in the atmosphere alongside also being able to resist and endure various extreme environmental conditions. Within the aviation industry, fuel efficient flight operations and minimization of costs are crucial, however the components must also comply with strict safety and quality obligations. We at Sherardize UK understand this, providing the aviation industry with increased load bearing capacity, service life, safety, ductility and performance.

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